Welding materials


R. S. E. FZE supplies customers with products made of special steel grades, including:

Валы для турбогенераторов
Turbine generators shafts
Бандажные кольца
Retaining rings
Валки для прокатных станов
Rolls for rolling rings
Валы для ветрогенераторов
Wind turbines shafts
Валы для газовых и паровых турбин
Gas and steam turbines shafts
Валы для гидрогенераторов и гидротурбин
Shafts for hydrogenerators and hydraulic turbines

The products of our company are widely used in power engineering, shipbuilding, oil and gas industry. We pay much attention to the quality of the shipped blanks, as we are interested in constant cooperation. All products undergo strict quality control, it corresponds to GOST and TС.

R.S.E FZE has established itself as a reliable partner who offers the most favorable conditions for the supply of hardware. A great experience, a multi-faceted production potential, a constant search and use of new materials – all this allows us not only to occupy stable positions in the ferrous metals market, but also to constantly increase our market share.

Being aware of customer needs, we provide services throughout the year. The company’s strategy is aimed at the further development of trade and industrial cooperation.